Why Choose Private Yoga?

Yoga, especially to the beginner yogi, can be a very intimidating thought. If I received a dime for every time I heard the sentence, “Oh, I can’t do yoga; I can’t even touch my toes!” I’d be an abundant gal! Er, more abundant! 😉 Walking into a room comprised of [what we think are] advanced students living the yoga sutras and breathing ujjayi pranayama is no easy feat! I am here to tell you that yoga is for you…and you and you and YOU! No body contortion experience necessary! Choosing private yoga sessions over public classes benefits everyone from brand new students to the advanced yogi.


Five Benefits of Choosing Private Yoga with Me:

  1. 100% customizable sequences, completely tailored to meet your individual needs. In a public class setting there can be an upward of 20+ students. Individual focus and attention becomes more difficult as I try to teach to the class as a whole versus focusing specifically on one student. What are your specific goals and needs? What pose do you want to learn or expand on? What areas of yoga most excite you? Let’s focus on them! Upon reaching out to me for a private class, I will send you a document that asks these questions, along with others, so that I can direct my drishti (yoga term for attention) to those specific areas and create a class that fits you; mind, body, and soul. 
  2. Location of your choosing. Not only are the classes designed with you in mind, but the location is as well! Don’t feel like leaving your home to practice? No problem! I can come to your house at any time or day that is convenient for you. I also have plenty of space for yoga at my own place including an indoor room with air conditioning and an enclosed outdoor space for a heated practice. Want to practice ‘out of the box’ completely? Yoga can be taken anywhere! The park, a brewery, by a lake or pond…the world is our playground!
  3. The ability to be open and vulnerable with me about health concerns, injuries, aches, or pains. Class settings can be overwhelming for the beginner student or any students with injuries or limitations. A one-on-one yoga session can create a sacred space between teacher and student so that you, the student, feels comfortable enough to disclose any information necessary to create the best experience possible.
  4. Diving deeper. Although I have mostly focused the beginner yogi, the experienced practitioner also benefits greatly from private yoga sessions. As discussed above, public class settings do not allow much room for individual attention. Private instruction can allow the advanced student to take their practice to the next level. Correct alignment, hands on adjustments/corrections, and a deeper knowledge of yoga can be applied in private sessions to enhance your already established practice.
  5. Mentorship. I can be a constant resource for you on and off the mat. During practice, I am there for support and guidance for any questions, thoughts, or feelings that might come up. The same mentorship can be applied off the mat as you continue to deepen your practice. I am available through phone or email to answer any questions or thoughts that occur after our private session.

So there you have it! Only a handful of juicy reasons to dive in to the wonderful world of private yoga with me, Bridget Guisinger! I hope our paths may cross in the future, on or off the mat!


Shine on.



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