The World We See…

A Geologist’s Perspective

The world we see is a projection of our physical senses. We can see with our eyes the world around us. We can see the beautiful waterfalls and the unique geology of a mountain landscape. We can smell fresh flowers blooming in the spring. We can taste the sweet nectar of fruit fresh off the bush, and we can hear the gentle rolling waves of the ocean at sunset. Our physical projection creates the earth we inhabit. Because I have an optimistic outlook about our earth, the above sentences are what comes up when I think about the beautiful planet that we live on. Someone else could easily have the opposite perspective. They could see pollution, smell the garbage wafting out of the dumpster, and hear the symphony of horns while stuck in traffic on the freeway. There is nothing wrong with people that think this way. Honestly, our society kind of breeds us to have this kind of outlook. It is much easier to go through life this way, accepting what we see, taste, hear, and smell, and accepting other’s perspectives as our own. The struggle begins when we start to realize that it is we who breathe life into those projections by believing in them. Our 5 senses are a lie! 


A Yogi’s Perspective

The world we see is a projection of our thoughts. This, in my opinion, is the deeper work that we are all called to do, but whom only a few choose to accept. Have you ever sat quietly and watched your own thought process? If you have, you know how quickly and out of control the stories in your head can spin. When I was going through my 200hr yoga teacher training, my teacher called those thoughts, “the annoying roommate.” That annoying roommate that never leaves, is always making a mess, and is quite egotistical. We live with that person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of us have accepted our fate, never trying to upset or kick him/her out. But what happens when you do?


A Course In Miracles Perspective

The antidote to projection is extension. Extension means that we recognize the godly attributes within ourselves, and we extend them to enfold the world we perceive outside of us. Projection splits and disowns while extension includes and embraces. We all live on this earth, but each of us perceives that ‘earth’ as something different. When we let go of our perceptions, we can start to see more clearly that we are all one. The world that we all wish to live in already exists, but cannot be seen through the muck of our own thoughts. ACIM states, “There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly.”


What Does it all Mean?

We are all one in the same and we have the privilege to inhabit our planet, Earth. On this day, can you let go of some of your perceived thoughts and projections and instead extend love? Love for this earth and love for every human being you come across? If you can do it for today, maybe it extends in to tomorrow. Maybe it extends to someone else you connect with and they start to extend their love. And so it begins. This, in my opinion, is how we can all have a part in changing the world we see.


Thank you for sticking around and reading my thoughts. Happy Earth Day!


Extending my love,