Good morning all, and Happy New Year! It has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog post. Oops! It is my intention to post more in 2018 so if you’re reading this, be my accountabil-a-buddy and hold me to it! Ever since we rang in the New Year I’ve been wanting to create a post that expanded a little more on my 2018 word of the year to follow up on an Instagram post I made back on the 1st. If you missed it, check it out here! The first New Moon of 2018 is tonight (8:17pm CST) and what better way to celebrate than to share a little bit of my rituals and intentions for this year!

First things first; what is a new moon?

Scientific explanation: the first lunar phase in which the moon is in conjunction with the sun, so it is not visible from earth.

Metaphysical explanation: symbolizes new, fresh beginnings. It is a great time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be (aka intention setting and goal planning)!


January’s New Moon in Capricorn

What does it mean? January’s new moon in Capricorn is especially magical because of Capricorn’s traits. Capricorn is the most disciplined of all the zodiac signs. They are responsible planners and strategists. Capricorn is an earth element so it also provides us time to get really centered and grounded on what it is we are working so diligently on. 

Intentions for this new moon can be focused around anything you are desiring at the moment. With the new moon being in Capricorn, it is a particularly energetic time to get focused and clear on intentions surrounding career goals. 


Ok that’s great and all, but what do I do?

Below are some simple rituals that I personally do around the new moon:

  • Create a quiet, inspiring space and gather items you want to use in your ritual.
    • My house has a yoga space in it and I have created an altar for these types of rituals. On my altar will be some crystals, candles, and sage. I will have a journal close by.
  • Set the mood of your space.
    • Light a candle or incense. If you use sage, smudge your space and any crystals you might be using. 
  • Write down your desires, goals, dreams. Anything you are hoping to accomplish or manifest. 
    • If you are having a hard time coming up with those answers, here are some prompts that might help:
      • What does success look like to me?
      • What am I truly passionate about?
      • How can I create a solid action plan to achieve what I desire?
      • Where have I given my power away?


Lastly, don’t forget to SHARE some of those desires!

The universe will only give you what you are asking loud and clear for, so don’t be afraid to tell a close friend, family member, or even strangers on social media what you are working on!

My 2018 WOTY is “vulnerability.” In honoring myself and my word, below are some of my new moon intentions for the next month and year ahead.

  1. Self-love. This is so incredibly important and I have been denying myself in a major way. Be on the lookout for a blog post going deep, DEEP into this.
  2. Letting go of self limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. This has been a work in progress for the past year but I am dedicating myself more time and energy into truly letting go of the stories and judgments I have created about myself.
  3. Growing my business to become my highest source of income. This is a pretty audacious goal, I’ll admit it. Right now I have several jobs which I all love dearly. I don’t plan to leave any of my current jobs but I am definitely signaling to the universe that I’m finally ready to pick up the pace in forging my own path!
  4. Learning. I have already signed up for a handful of workshops year, (yoga and entrepreneurial related) and am currently enrolled in a yoga therapy course that will be ongoing for an entire year. 


And there you have it! Remember that the new moon happens every 29-30 days so you have plenty of time to set new intentions or evolve the ones you’ve already created! Don’t forget to be kind to yourself and give gratitude for all you have created and accomplished so far! I hope this has been beneficial for you. Comment below and let me know some of your new moon/New Year intentions!


Shine on,