rob fleming, one year wedding anniversary

Woah, woah,woah. How can it possibly be one year since Josh and I got married?! If I think about it too much I end up traveling down the rabbit hole of time and how impossibly fast it moves. Since I am currently on my one year wedding anniversary trip, I’d rather spend my time in the present enjoying beautiful New England! Below is a recap of our wedding ceremony and part 1 of my wedding series!


Wedding Ceremony

For those that don’t know, Josh and I did things a little unconventionally when it came to our wedding. This caused quite an uproar with my family in the beginning but they have since mentioned that the entire day was perfect. And it was.

first kiss as husband and wife
First kiss as husband and wife!

If you know me well, you know that I am far from the center of attention. I’d rather blend in to a crowd and observe than to be in the mix of it all. The thought of walking down an aisle with 150 pairs of eyes watching me make the most important decision of my life shot my anxiety from a 2 to a 10 real quick! I thought a mountain top wedding (the Rockies, to be exact) with a few close friends and family would be perfect for Josh and I! We did get engaged on a mountain top, after all. OK, to be honest, my initial plan was for us to just go to the JoP and have a little party afterwards. However, Josh was having none of that. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. It actually took me by surprise and his resistance to my idea caused more than a few heated conversations. I feel like no one talks about how much arguing wedding planning can cause between partners, especially when both parties have strong opinions about how they want their special day to be. I am here to tell you that the arguments were REAL, but it was good practice for problem solving and compromising as a couple. And compromise we did!

rob flemming, one year wedding anniversary
Rob Fleming Pavilion

Josh wanted all of his friends and family at the wedding while I wanted to be a little more selective. Our brilliant solution was to split the ceremony and reception up. Josh and I are morning people so we chose to have the ceremony in the morning. Our initial thought was to have a sunrise wedding but that was quickly shot down by our family members. We settled on 10am and set out for a location. Something I was unwilling to compromise on was the overall feel and aesthetic of the wedding. I knew I wanted the morning to feel natural, organic, and earthy. Having the wedding at a park made the most sense to Josh and I. With the help of my Aunt Nancy, we visited Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands and immediately fell in love! 

rob fleming, one year wedding anniversary
Rob Fleming during the ceremony

The Deets

  • The morning of October 7, 2016 was a B-E-A-UTIFUL morning for us Houstonians. It was sunny and cool, not a cloud in the sky! The other important detail Josh and I were unwilling to budge on was the officiant. Josh and I knew as soon as we got engaged that we wanted Jenny, Josh’s (and now my) sister-in-law, to marry us. She [thankfully] agreed to be our officiant and it was definitely one of the highlights of the ceremony. The ceremony she delivered was a beautifully crafted blend of God, love, and personal stories that still makes me tear up when I think about it. Shout out to the best SIL ever!
officiant, one year wedding anniversary, wedding ceremony
  • The bridal party was more than I could have asked for. I had my 4 best friends standing next to me and I am so incredibly grateful for that. A bitter sweet moment of our day was the fact that Josh’s best man could not [physically] attend our wedding. George Thomas was Josh’s best friend, who was unfortunately killed in a tragic accident near the end of 2016. Paige Boyd graciously filled in as best woMAN and fulfilled the title, and George’s honor, with pride and love. Thanks boo!
bridesmaids, bridal party, one year wedding anniversary, wedding ceremony
bridal party, groomsmen, one year wedding anniversary
The Groomsmen/woman


  • Josh and I are not only morning people, but we looooove breakfast foods! After the ceremony we treated our guests to some of our favorites; HEB’s old fashioned cake donuts (if you haven’t had one before, finish reading this post and then go grab one ASAP!) and Cafe Kraftsman assorted pastries. When Josh and I lived in the Heights, we used to walk to Cafe K from our apartment every weekend to pick up coffee and a pastry. Providing those delicious treats on the morning of our ceremony was also a non-negotiable for us!


  • There was only one little hiccup the entire day, and that was caused by my father. The night before the wedding I stayed in a hotel suite with my bridesmaids. In the morning, my parents came over to the hotel to get dressed and drive me to the park. EVERYONE, except for my dad, was ready to go. When it was his turn to go into the room to change, all we hear from the room is, “Oh Shit.” While this line is very common in everyday life, it is the LAST thing a bride wants to hear 30 minutes before walking down the aisle. As it turns out, my father had packed his entire outfit, sans a dress shirt. We frantically started to call stores around our hotel that could possibly have dress shirts but none of them opened until 10, and that was of course when I was to be “given away” by my now shirtless father. Thankfully my dad’s brother, who happens to live just 2 minutes away from the ceremony venue, grabbed a shirt for my dad and was back at the venue before we arrived. Now, if you don’t know my dad, you might think that he would call my uncle when we drove up to the park so that my uncle could bring my dad the shirt. NOPE. My dad strolled up to the ceremony space, with all of our guests seated and waiting, bare chested with just a tie around his neck and his suit jacket draped on his shoulders. Luckily everyone there is pretty familiar with my dad and his desired trait of never feeling embarrassed, and they all had a good laugh! I told myself that if that was the worst thing to happen on my wedding day, then it would be a pretty spectacular day. 
one year wedding anniversary, father of the bride, wedding ceremony
My dad giving me away


And a spectacular day it was! Stay tuned for part 2 of my wedding anniversary recap where I will talk about our reception and post NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures of our party!

**Special shout outs to Aunt Regan and Erin for decorating the ceremony space, my parents for all of their dedication to making the day run smoothly, Grandstan and Heidi for the readings, Josh’s entire family for providing and setting up the tables and chairs, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Mike for the bridal party flowers and picking up the HEB donuts, my bridesmaids for being the best and most supportive friends ever, my best friend Colby for his badass usher skills, and our photographer Dayton for capturing the magnificent day!


Shine On.